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Briya [ប៊ីរីយ៉ា] Khmer Model

A new Khmer actress & model star Briya “ប៊ីរីយ៉ា” or we can call Briya BeeBee. She was born on May 2, 1991. And graduated from national university of management (NUM) in 2009.

Briya is a beautiful Khmer girl who has 3 nationalities Khmer, Chinese and Indian with a beautiful face and sharp nose.

Briya “ប៊ីរីយ៉ា” she is a new star and entered the art field in 2010 as a model star in Sun Modeling group. Then there are a lot of productions and companies contact her for advertising sport out-door shooting and acting as a Karaoke star such as songs: ក្រៅពីអូនមិនយកប្រពន្ធ, អ្នកណានាំអូនមក, ឈប់ស្អប់បងទៅ. And she also shooting for Honda spot 2012, LUX and others.

Recently, she is a star in a movie “អាប​ពាក់​មួក​សុវត្ថិភាព” and she is a MC star in SEATV as well. Talk about her love, she said: “she will marry in the next 2 years”.

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